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I personally support you in writing your Master’s thesis/Bachelor’s thesis/Diploma thesis/Dissertation. I use my professional experience for you: as a lecturer and as a coach of doctoral candidates and students since 2001 – with many very positive feedbacks. 

Every exchange of documents and all our telephone calls and emails remain confidential. From our initial contact to the submission of your thesis, I outsource nothing. I do everything for you personally, full-time.

I coach you within the legal framework so that you can sign the Declaration of Independence with a clear conscience and hand in your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/Dissertation with pride.

Sincerely, Dr. Simon Reitze

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Graduates have trusted Dr. Simon Reitze for over 20 years

The initial meeting with you was great. Based on that I was able to write the whole paper. Thank you for your valuable feedback and corrections.

Master thesis - Executive MBA

Accompaniment and proofreading

Thank you for being there when things are burning. Even when you were abroad you supported me tremendously on my deadline and found reassuring words

Adult education area

Accompaniment, master thesis & further work

You gave me a simple 'recipe' for the master thesis, thank you very much!
... I never thought I would get such a good grade!


Supervision, CAS and Master thesis

You have a super voice. Listening to you on the video call, my husband said, 'Not only do you get coaching, but you get free therapy.' You drive down all my nervousness." - "You always come across as calm, unagitated, and that helps me think calmly.

Long term customer - Economy

Monitoring of several complete study programs

It is always amazing how easily you explain difficult things

Master thesis - Special education


You are my mental coach. Without your mental support, I would never-never have been able to do this.

Revision of diploma thesis - social pedagogy


Dear Simon, the work is bound and I very relieved!!! I would like to thank you again very much for your competent guidance!!! Especially your encouragement and support in relation to the pursuit of my theme and heart's desire is priceless and I am very grateful to you!!!

Bachelor Thesis - Social Work

Accompaniment and proofreading

They have helped me enormously. Now I really know how to write. What you told me,
no one has ever
told me before. I have looked at many books on the subject of 'scientific writing'. I am very satisfied with the coaching.

Secondary Education

Coaching 'How to write?'

Dear Mr. Reitze, thank you for your high quality corrections. I am absolutely satisfied with them.  I have studied your corrections and comments carefully and have accepted or implemented them almost 100%.

Master thesis law


A thousand thanks for your competent and supportive help! I felt so really "framed" and taken care of....I can only recommend you.

Master thesis social work


Thank you very much! That was almost unbelievable how you pulled that out of your sleeve.

Master thesis MAS Corporate Finance

Coaching 'Start

Thank you very much. I could never have done it without you. I just received confirmation that the work has been accepted. That is a great relief. May I ask for your help again with the next work? A little earlier, of course.

Writing a Matura paper in 36 hours

Intensive accompaniment

I learned a lot in these 2.5 hours. I appreciate it very much. Can we make a next appointment?

Bachelor thesis - University of Education

Coaching 'Start

Thank you very much for your support. It has helped me a lot. I also felt taken very seriously by you as a person. That was a very positive experience.

Master thesis - course of studies in the field of coaching

Accompaniment and proofreading

I completed the master with a 6.0 and received great feedback. I am very relieved and the effort has also paid off for me professionally. I am very happy about that. It was definitely the best decision to contact you. Many, many thanks!

Master thesis - course of studies in the field of coaching

Accompaniment and proofreading

Note: I do not offer Ghostwriting, but support you in the writing process with my scientific expertise!

6 offers for your success


In a one-to-one coaching session, we jointly develop the concept of your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/dissertation: 1. your topic, 2. research objective, 3. research question, 4. methodological approach, 5. outline, 6. milestone plan, 7. a research guide, 8. a writing guide. Result: draft of your disposition / exposé. This forms the basis for your academic paper and initiates the copywriting process. 2.5-hour personal one-to-one coaching online

CHF 437.50 (incl. VAT)

HOW TO WRITE? - This is how! (personal instruction)

2. HOW TO WRITE? - This is how! (personal instruction) You already have your topic and a rough outline and want to get started? In a one-to-one coaching session, I will work out with you how to proceed with your topic. I explain to you what scientific writing is really about, what makes a good writing style and how to research successfully. Anyone can write scientifically, but it takes a little practice! Result: Revised outline, personal guidance on writing and researching, milestone plan. 2-hour personal one-to-one coaching online

CHF 350.00 (incl. VAT)

Intermediate coaching / -Feedback

You have already started your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/dissertation and would like support when you need it? I would be happy to accompany you on call, e.g. by a phone call of 5 minutes, a video call of 20 minutes, or a meeting to give you interim feedback or guidance for the next step. Just contact me. I keep a timesheet for ongoing support. I charge per 5 minutes. You pay exactly for the time you use.

CHF 175.00 per hour for individual coaching (online/by e-mail/by phone/in the coaching room in Solothurn) (incl. VAT)

Editing per chapter

You have already started writing and would like corrections and suggestions for improvement? I would be happy to do an intermediate proofreading for you. - A) Efficient option: I give you general feedback and show you how you can improve your text using exemplary passages. - B) Comprehensive option: I correct your text in detail (citation, spelling, grammar) and make comprehensive detailed comments and suggestions on all aspects of your work (incl. structure, line of argument, style). CHF 159.60 per hour (incl. VAT)

CHF 159.60 per hour (incl. VAT)

FINAL CHECK - Quality check before submission

You are about to finish your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/dissertation and would like to get feedback on the quality? I will support you with a professional assessment. In addition, I will provide you with important information so that you can put the finishing touches to your academic work. Feel free to contact me by email, phone or online!

proofreading & editing

Before submitting your Master thesis/Bachelor thesis/Diploma thesis/Dissertation, I will proofread and edit your academic work if required. I optimise the writing style used and check the citation, the bibliography and other components of your work.

CHF 159.60 per hour (incl. VAT)

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